Shadow of Violence (2018)

Country: The Netherlands & Turkey
Shooting date: October 2018, Cappadocia, Turkey
Language: Turkish

Turkey, the 1990s. Selman, a former publisher, tracks down Bilal, an ex-torturer for the military regime in the 1980s, who now feels the pangs of conscience and leads a secluded life as a beekeeper in Cappadocia. Seeking revenge for the murders of his sons, Selman abducts Bilal and holds him captive in an isolated cave, where he begins to interrogate him about the last hours of his sons’ lives.

Director: Ibrahim Karatay
Written by: Ibrahim Karatay & Paul Oscar Kanter
Producer: Alchemic Film (NL)
Co-producer: Nar Film (TR)
Delegate Producer: Ajna Mulaomerovic
Director of Photography: Lukas de Kort

Municipality of The Hague
Open for: financing, distributors