Regained Memory (2018)

World Premiere:
Karlovy Vary International Film Festival 2018 – EFP FUTURE FRAMES
Country: Bosnia and Herzegovina & The Netherlands
Length: 51 min.
Language: Bosnian
Technical specifications: Digital, 1.85, Dolby 5.1, Color
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Recently widowed Amir lives with his young daughter in present-day Sarajevo. One night, in a bar, he is forced to face his guilty conscience about his inability to remember what his wife looked like. Together with her sister, he tries to find traces of her, while confronting his own past as a child during the war. Diving into the past, he forgets he also has responsibilities towards his daughter.

Salih Palo
Maja Izetbegović
Izudin Bajrović
Amna Bajrić

Director: Stijn Bouma
Written by: Stijn Bouma
Producer: Alchemic Film (NL)
Co-producer: Sarajevo Film Academy (BH), Emina Ganić
Director of Photography: Lukas de Kort
Production Design: Hana Agić
Editor: Maarten Ernest

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